India Emerging Capital Pvt. Ltd. (IEC) is the flagship business of India Emerging Private Equity Group and the holding arm for most of our private equity operations. We have a history of landmark achievements and have been credited with discovering and transforming few emerging mid-cap companies in India.

The Indian investment market is highly complex. Sourcing the deal at the right valuation with a dedicated promoter group and at an appropriate time is critical to any investments’ success. Most of the big PE firms have found this challenging because of a lack of understanding of the Indian business mindset and because of a complex network of intermediaries involved. Our grass root understanding of the Indian environment has helped us source deals at a valuation far below that invested by other international and Indian PE firms.

Our Niche

We are a private equity platform that provides a full service model to its investee companies in the small-mid cap sector. As a proprietary operation, we have adequate flexibility to capital (through proprietary capital as well as through co-investments from friends and family) and are open to investments in any sector.

Most private equity operators run their operations from Mumbai & Delhi and target major cities for their deal sourcing. We believe that India’s economic transformation belong with the entrepreneurs that run businesses in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. These entrepreneurs lack the managerial bandwidth as well as the financial sophistication to transform their business to the next level of maturity. Aside from funding, these entrepreneurs are looking to partner with agencies that can provide them complete handholding and an approach that unfortunately few private equity firms in India can provide. Having grown within the industry, our team is equipped with the domain knowledge and a targeted network in these Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities in order to provide the maximum value to our portfolio companies.