Investment Strategy
Our investment strategy is designed to create a well-diversified portfolio by making investments across sectors and geographies that we understand. We specialize in growth capital for mid-cap unlisted companies. These companies are almost always closely held private companies at their growth stage and have potential to return significant capital appreciation. We look for investments in which we can develop a strong bond with the management. In each of our investments, both past and present, we share a personal rapport with top management that has helped them better understand our value creation methodology.
With 100 years of combined experience, our management team has developed an extensive network comprising of senior level professionals with industry, investment banks, commercial banks, angel investors, private equity firms, and law and accounting firms. To that end, India Emerging Private Equity Platform has become the preferred equity partner for our target market and we receive 100% of our deals directly from our business associates and colleagues. Our grass root understanding of the Indian dynamics enable us to source these deals at valuations below that offered to other PE firms in India. Deal sourcing and valuation mechanism are two aspects that differentiate us from our peer group.
As a proprietary private equity firm with limited capital, it is critical for us to invite co-investments from friends, family and business associates for some of our investments.
IEC is frequently involved in developing business strategies, supervising the implementation of growth plans, recruiting senior management, inducting independent subject matter experts on the board of directors, strengthening brand image through television and media, introducing potential customers and clients and implementing strong corporate governance for our portfolio companies. Most importantly, IEC explores synergies and other value-add through M&A, joint venture, associations and operational synergies between our portfolio companies.
We have adopted a non-traditional strategy to achieve more predictable returns i.e., shifting exit preference away from the IPO market with an eye towards partnership with strategic partners/investors.