India Emerging Private Equity Group has been the natural evolution of 40 years of experience in both industry and capital markets. As an entity with grass roots knowledge of the Indian dynamics, we have progressed from the manufacturing industry into a full-fledged opportunity driven platform. The first few successful transactions resulted in a plunge into Private Equity that is now backed by a team of committed individuals.


The team coordinated IPO of a steel manufacturing company of Central India, making inroads in the Indian capital markets.


The team obtained deep understanding of the manufacturing industry at various managerial levels and at various locations around India and was instrumental in establishing a cotton-spinning mill for the House of Birla. Soon after in 1996 the management team founded their own investment banking company.


The management team formally revamped private equity operations under India Emerging Private Equity Group to service clients across India. The team has invested into multiple sectors in India, pioneered the art of sourcing and structuring deals in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, nurtured relationships with entrepreneurs in these Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, and have thus gained both the domain knowledge and the credibility to help our investments succeed.

The Next Decade

India Emerging Private Equity Group has focused on building the right foundation for a leading private equity firm. Developing a team with structuring and execution skills are prerequisites to a successful transaction. Equipped with this team, India Emerging Private Equity Group is now actively engaged into mobilising.