India Plus Fund

India Plus Advisors Private Limited, a new venture from India Emerging Private Equity Group, is a SEBI registered Private Equity Fund. We are leveraging our past track record and bringing in additional external talent and resources to help create an institutionalized private equity fund in India.

India Emerging Private Equity Group
Proven Success:
  • Private Equity experience across 8 Verticals
  • Large pipeline of proprietary deal flow
  • Structured relationships with attractive valuation
  • Track record of successful exits
  • Extensive Indian Network
India Plus Advisors Private Limited
Decades of experience in Private Equity & Capital Markets:
  • Professional management team from Private Equity, Capital Markets, Consulting, Industry and Law
  • Transactional experience in India and abroad
  • Conservative and hands-on approach
  • Proprietary network in targeted investment sectors
  • Pre-defined investment framework
India Plus Fund
Compelling Investment Opportunity:
  • High sponsor commitment: 20% of the fund corpus
  • Differentiated and proven investment strategy
  • Management team best positioned to leverage past success
  • Adequate flexibility for structured investments
  • Registered with SEBI as a Venture Capital Fund