India Emerging Private Equity Group is a boutique proprietary private equity firm that has helped transform small business houses to leading conglomerates. Through 30 years of experience in the Indian capital markets, we have developed a proprietary network of established partnerships that has become a cornerstone of our success.

India Emerging Private Equity Groupís business is organized into the following segments:
India Emerging Capital Pvt. Ltd. (IEC)
Our flagship business, IEC is the holding arm for most of our private equity operations. We are a sector-agnostic fund specializing in growth capital for mid-cap unlisted companies.
India Emerging Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. (IEI)
IEI is the holding arm for investments in infrastructure and hotel related projects.
India Emerging Advisors Ltd. (IEA)
IEA provides strategic advisory, research, sales & trading and after-market (non-deal road shows) support. We now only advise those companies that fall under our portfolio companies of private equity investments.